100 Moms On A Mission
100 Moms On A Mission
Nicholle Walton-Durban

Welcome to 100 Moms On A Mission

Together for Better!

About Us

100 Moms is an empowerment community made up of ALL KINDS OF MOMS from all walks of life. We have come together to share resources, connect with others, provide support, and build better educational opportunities and learning communities for our own children, as well as, future generations. We work together to re-imagine and re-design our children's educational journey and empower life long learners. 

Why You Should Join Us

Because when you REALLY need to get something DONE, you call a MOM! We know the best way to achieve our Mission is to bring all the Moms together who are already working to create opportunities for our Children and unite them to create even more impact and results. 

A Big Thanks

to the countless hours of sacrifice, lost sleep, coordinating, creating, encouraging, cleaning, cooking, caring, holding the line, driving all over town, creating memories, opportunities, fighting for what is best and better, and never, ever getting a moments break from being a MOM while never giving up! 

To every mom, step mom, foster mom, bonus mom, grand mom, young mom, old mom, new mom, veteran mom, stay at home mom, working mom, to your mom, to my mom, to ALL MOMS ~  WE SEE YOU! THANK YOU! 

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